Lucy’s dreaming
and when she’s not spinning
she’s twerking
and singing she’s marching all over the place
her inner winnie’s a winner it’s jerking all over your face

almost one hundred percent
her brain is ecstatic it stopped searching for a tease
‘cause lucid dreaming is not about others’ consent
but doing whatever you wish exactly as you please

Lucy trage nerăbdătoare din țigară supersictirită expiră fumul afară
Dar păcat că e lucid dreaming și iese fumul pe a treia nară
Se întoarce în casă și inhalează bytes și Fahrenheits în fiecare seară
Lucy de fapt e băiat și își aduce aminte cum a pierdut vremea în fiecare scară
din orașul natal


I can crack that heart open and do a little stunt
As you can smoke a little skunk and you’re instantly smart
Yes I can kill that heart the owner’s AWOL it’s practically sleeping it must be lucid dreaming
Said Lucy her heart is supernatural she’s very found of reaping

Închide ochii cumetre curmă-ți sufletul de uitatul ăsta la perete că mor
I can do sometimes a little stunt with my bike through that heart I’m gonna travel that bitch
Nu mai vrem să te-auzim Lucy ești proastă pleacă de-aici
My planet doesn’t have that elliptic trajectory anymore

Travelling through space she consumes yet she is and knows she’s a star
Very well trained drives the spaceship like her very own car
Nighty night my beloved I’ll leave you to your lucid dreaming
Now SHUT THE FUCK UP MOTHERFUCKERS because Lucy’s dreaming


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