Ieri, vineri

Poezia despre fata de care am mentionat in acest post.


What day is today?

Friday they say


So, Friday I saw a girl that took my attention

Walking down the beach don’t know in what direction

How can I describe her so

You won’t recognize her although

You and I know she’s very very…beautiful

Her hair was…lets say long

Black, more black then all the nights I met before

I want her arm into my hand

She’s my airport where will land

Very soon a hug, even if I have to pay

With some very nice words only if I’m luckey

She smiles at me all the time she looks

And I do the same…

Do you think this is a game?

I do. Because I can read that on her chest

It says: “Come and take me from my nest”

And I think “I take her but where? And why?”

And one more problem. I’m too shy…

Bad luck, another boy took her from me

And now I’m sad. He took my bee.

All in all? Get drunk and forget all this you will see!


4 gânduri despre “Ieri, vineri

      1. Luckey.. tot ca si Lucky s-ar citi 😀
        Okkay.. Okay
        Her hair it was … Her hair was
        let’s say… lets say
        she smiles on me… she smiles at me
        all the time shee look… she looks


  1. mersi. Okkay – asa am vrut sa-l scriu pentru un k prelungit in pronuntie. asa il las. Let’s say a fost greseala mea, her hair it was mi-a scapat nu stiu cum, aia cu smile tot greseala mea, she look mi-a scapat din nou. Mersi de corecturi, raman dator 😉


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